Welcome to My Life In The Air, A blog about Travel, Personalized Itineraries & Life In General.

Join me as I share my love of travel and my travel experiences Past, Present & Future.  I am by no means a professional traveler (like some of my fellow travel bloggers) but I have visited some great cities around the world.

With this blog I want to help others with their travel plans by writing up Personalized Itineraries.  These itineraries will be personalized to each client and will be very reasonably priced.  The idea of my personalized itineraries is to take out the time consuming task of researching transport, accommodation and sightseeing options. Most people these days are time poor and would rather just get on with the holiday.  I love doing research on all the above even if it is not me going on the wonderful trip.  If you need any help with your holiday please contact me.

My passion for travel has led me to a job in the travel industry as a Flight Attendant.  I will share the ups & downs of this new found career and hopefully inspire others to take up the challenge.

I will also be adding other subjects that take my fancy such as fashion, decorating, architecture, art & food.

I hope you find my blog interesting and follow me in this journey, I will follow yours too.


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